Upcoming TV-Series
Monday, August 22Bobby and Sophie on the Coast (9:00 p.m.)Food Network
Monday, August 22Kevin Can F**k HimselfAMC+
Monday, August 22AnneAcorn TV
Tuesday, August 23Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1Netflix
Tuesday, August 23Chad and JT Go DeepNetflix
Tuesday, August 23Nightmare of the Wolf: BestiaryNetflix
Tuesday, August 23The World of The WitcherNetflix
Wednesday, August 24Lost OllieNetflix
Wednesday, August 24Queer Eye: BrazilNetflix
Wednesday, August 24Selling The OCNetflix
Wednesday, August 24MoNetflix
Wednesday, August 24Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfeeNetflix
Wednesday, August 24Under FireNetflix
Wednesday, August 24In with the OldDiscovery+
Wednesday, August 24Welcome to Wrexham (10:00 p.m.)FX
Wednesday, August 24Archer (10:00 p.m.)FXX
Thursday, August 25Angry Birds: Summer MadnessNetflix
Thursday, August 25History 101Netflix
Thursday, August 25Rilakkuma’s Theme Park AdventureNetflix
Thursday, August 25MikeHulu
Thursday, August 25House of HoHBO Max
Thursday, August 25The End is NyePeacock
Thursday, August 25Everything I Know About LovePeacock
Thursday, August 25Star Trek: Lower DecksParamount+
Thursday, August 25Little Demon (10:00 p.m.)FXX
Friday, August 26Drive Hard: The Maloof WayNetflix
Friday, August 26LudikNetflix
Friday, August 26SeeApple TV+
Friday, August 26Partner TrackNetflix
Friday, August 26Diary of an Old HomeDiscovery+
Saturday, August 27Little WomenNetflix
Saturday, August 27First Home Fix (9:00 p.m.)HGTV
Sunday, August 2890 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?Discovery+
Sunday, August 28The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, August 28Guilt (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, August 28Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes on a Scandal (9:00 p.m.)ID
Monday, August 29Mighty ExpressNetflix
Monday, August 29Keep This Between Us (9:00 p.m.)Freeform
Tuesday, August 30I Am a KillerNetflix
Tuesday, August 30Untold: Operation Flagrant FoulNetflix
Tuesday, August 30The PatientHulu
Wednesday, August 31Club América vs Club AméricaNetflix
Wednesday, August 31Family SecretsNetflix
Wednesday, August 31DC’s Stargirl (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Wednesday, August 31Guy’s Ultimate Game Night (9:00 p.m.)Food Network
Wednesday, August 31No-Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys (10:00 p.m.)Food Network
Thursday, September 1PantheonAMC+
Thursday, September 1The Secrets She KeepsSundance Now
Thursday, September 1True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here (10:00 p.m.)Sundance TV
Thursday, September 1JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean: Part 2Shudder
Friday, September 2Ivy & BeanNetflix
Friday, September 2FakesNetflix
Friday, September 2Dated & RelatedNetflix
Friday, September 2Buy My HouseNetflix
Friday, September 2The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerPrime Video
Friday, September 2Life by EllaApple TV+
Friday, September 2House of HammerDiscovery+
Saturday, September 3First Home Fix (9:00 p.m.)HG TV
Saturday, September 3Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOsDiscovery+
Sunday, September 4Rick and Morty (11:00 p.m.)Adult Swim
Monday, September 5Recipes for Love and MurderAcorn TV
Monday, September 5Real Girlfriends in Paris (9:15 p.m.)Bravo
Monday, September 5American Dad! (10:00 p.m.)TBS
Monday, September 5POV “Love & Stuff” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, September 6Queen Sugar (8:00 p.m.)OWN
Tuesday, September 6Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (8:00 p.m.)MTV
Tuesday, September 6Frontline “Lies, Politics and Democracy” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, September 6Good Bones: Risky Business (9:00 p.m.)Discovery
Wednesday, September 7Jay Leno’s Garage (10:00 p.m.)CNBC
Wednesday, September 7101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All TimeShudder
Wednesday, September 7Tell Me LiesHulu
Wednesday, September 7Ink MastersParamount+
Thursday, September 8Wedding SeasonHulu
Thursday, September 8Growing UpDisney+
Thursday, September 8Epic Adventures with Bertie GregoryDisney+
Thursday, September 8Cars on the RoadDisney+
Thursday, September 8Last LightPeacock
Thursday, September 8The Good FightParamount+
Thursday, September 8Emeril TailgatesThe Roku Channel
Friday, September 9Cobra KaiNetflix
Friday, September 9Narco-SaintsNetflix
Friday, September 9GutsyApple TV+
Friday, September 9Central ParkApple TV+
Sunday, September 11Monarch (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 11The Serpent Queen (8:00 p.m.)Starz
Sunday, September 11American Gigolo (9:00 p.m.)Showtime
Monday, September 1274th Emmy Awards (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Monday, September 1290 Day: The Single Life (8:00 p.m.)TLC
Monday, September 12War of the Worlds (9:00 p.m.)EPIX
Monday, September 12Independent Lens: Hazing (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, September 13Facing Suicide (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, September 13The Come Up (10:00 p.m.)Freeform
Wednesday, September 14Sins of Our MotherNetflix
Wednesday, September 14Heartbreak HighNetflix
Wednesday, September 14The Handmaid’s TaleHulu
Wednesday, September 14Lion: The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, September 15Vampire AcademyPeacock
Thursday, September 15Atlanta (10:00 p.m.)FX
Thursday, September 15The Light in the HallSundance Now
Friday, September 16Fate: The Winx SagaNetflix
Friday, September 16SantoNetflix
Friday, September 16The Brave OnesNetflix
Friday, September 16Heathers: The MusicalThe Roku Channel
Friday, September 16Great Performances “Black Lucy and the Bard” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, September 16Dateline (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Friday, September 16Los Espookys (11:00 p.m.)HBO
Saturday, September 1748 Hours (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, September 1860 Minutes (7:30 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, September 18The U.S. and the Holocaust (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, September 19Best in DoughHulu
Monday, September 199-1-1 (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Monday, September 19The Voice (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Monday, September 19The Neighborhood (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Monday, September 19Bob Hearts Abishola (8:30 p.m.)CBS
Monday, September 19The Cleaning Lady (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Monday, September 19NCIS (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Monday, September 19NCIS: Hawaii (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Monday, September 19Quantum Leap (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Monday, September 19Dancing With the StarsDisney+
Tuesday, September 20We All ScreamNetflix
Tuesday, September 20RebootHulu
Tuesday, September 20The Resident (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Tuesday, September 20FBI (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Tuesday, September 20FBI: International (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Tuesday, September 20Monarch (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Tuesday, September 20FBI: Most Wanted (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Tuesday, September 20New Amsterdam (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21AndorDisney+
Wednesday, September 21Super/NaturalDisney+
Wednesday, September 21Designing MiamiNetflix
Wednesday, September 21The Conners (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago Med (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21The Goldbergs (8:30 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21NOVA “Ending HIV in America” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 21Lego Masters (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Wednesday, September 21Abbott Elementary (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago Fire (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21Home Economics (9:30 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Big Sky (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago P.D. (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21Super/NaturalDisney+
Thursday, September 22Thai Cave RescueNetflix
Thursday, September 22Law & Order (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Law & Order: SVU (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Law & Order: Organized Crime (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Raven’s HollowShudder
Friday, September 23Pokemon: The Arceus ChroniclesNetflix
Friday, September 23Shark Tank (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Friday, September 23Great Performances “Intimate Apparel” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Saturday, September 24Dateline: Weekend Mystery (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Saturday, September 24SNL Vintage (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Sunday, September 25Lucy Worsley Investigates (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, September 25Celebrity Jeopardy! (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25The Simpsons (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25The Great North (8:30 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25Van der Valk (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, September 25Bob’s Burgers (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25Family Guy (9:30 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25The Rookie (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25POV “Delikado” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, September 27Reasonable DoubtHulu
Tuesday, September 27Bachelor in Paradise (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Tuesday, September 27La Brea (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Tuesday, September 27The Rookie: Feds (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 28The D’Amelio Show Hulu
Wednesday, September 28Star Wars: The Bad BatchDisney+
Wednesday, September 28The Mighty Ducks: Game ChangersDisney+
Wednesday, September 28Survivor (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Wednesday, September 28Rivers of Life (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 28NOVA “Saving Venice” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 28The Amazing Race (9:30 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Dragon Rescue Riders: Heroes of the SkyPeacock
Thursday, September 29Hell’s Kitchen (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29Young Sheldon (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Ghosts (8:30 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Welcome to Flatch (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29So Help Me Todd (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Call Me Kat (9:30 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29CSI: Vegas (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, September 30Queer for FearShudder
Friday, September 30EntergalacticNetflix
Friday, September 30RamyHulu
Saturday, October 1Beyond the Headlines: Gabby Petito (10:00 p.m.)Lifetime
Sunday, October 2Interview with the VampireAMC
Sunday, October 2America’s Funniest Home Videos (7:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, October 2Family Law (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, October 2The Equalizer (8:30 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, October 2Coroner (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, October 2East New York (9:30 p.m.)CBS
Monday, October 3The House That Norm Built (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 3POV “The Last Out” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 3The Good Doctor (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Tuesday, October 4Making Black America: Through the Grapevine (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 4Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 5Chucky (9:00 p.m.)Syfy
Wednesday, October 5Kung Fu (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Wednesday, October 5The Real Love Boat (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Wednesday, October 5NOVA “Rebuilding Notre Dame” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 5Reginald the Vampire (10:00 p.m.)Syfy
Wednesday, October 5PBS NewsHour “Ricochet: An American Trauma” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 6A Friend of the FamilyPeacock
Thursday, October 6Station 19 (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Thursday, October 6Walker (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Thursday, October 6Walker Independence (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Thursday, October 6Grey’s Anatomy (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Thursday, October 6Alaska Daily (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Friday, October 7The Midnight ClubNetflix
Friday, October 7Let the Right One InShowtime.com
Friday, October 7S.W.A.T. (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, October 7Fire Country (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, October 7Blue Bloods (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, October 9Secrets of the Dead (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 9Next at the Kennedy Center (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 9NCIS: Los Angeles (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Monday, October 10My Life is MurderAcorn TV
Monday, October 10All American (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Monday, October 10All American: Homecoming (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Monday, October 10POV “Accepted” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 11The Winchesters (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Tuesday, October 11Professionals (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Tuesday, October 11Becoming Frederick Douglass (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 12NOVA: “Computers vs. Crime” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 13Dark GlassesShudder
Friday, October 14Martha GardensThe Roku Channel
Friday, October 14Penn & Teller: Fool Us (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Friday, October 14Whose Line Is It Anyway? (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, October 16Miss Scarlet & The Duke (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 16Magpie Murders (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 16Annika (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 17POV “An Act of Worship” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 18Somebody Feed PhilNetflix
Wednesday, October 19Documentary Now!IFC
Wednesday, October 19Nature: “Running with the Beest” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 19NOVA “Can Psychedelics Cure?” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 19Secrets of the Dead: “Last Days in Pompeii” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 20One of Us Is LyingPeacock
Thursday, October 20V/H/S 99Shudder
Friday, October 21From ScratchNetflix
Friday, October 21Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, October 21Joe Bob Halloween 2022 Special (9:00 p.m.)Shudder TV
Saturday, October 22Magic With the Stars (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Saturday, October 22World’s Funniest Animals (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Monday, October 24Independent Lens “Tik Tok, Boom” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 25Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of CuriositiesNetflix
Wednesday, October 26Sherman’s ShowcaseIFC
Wednesday, October 26NATURE “CANADA: Surviving the Wild North” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 26NOVA “Disrupting Darwin/Lionfish” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 26Secrets of the Dead: “The End of the Romans” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 27True Crime Story: IndefensibleAMC+
Friday, October 28Dia De Los Muertos! (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, October 28Milk Street’s Cooking SchoolThe Roku Channel
Friday, October 28Milk Street’s My Family RecipeThe Roku Channel
Wednesday, November 2NATURE “Woodpeckers: The Hole Story” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, November 3The CapturePeacock
Thursday, November 3The SuspectSundance Now
Friday, November 4Lopez vs. Lopez (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Friday, November 4Young Rock (8:30 p.m.)NBC
Friday, November 4Great Performances: “New York Philharmonic Geffen Hall Reopening” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, November 6MoodBBC America
Sunday, November 6Dangerous Liaisons (9:00 p.m.)Starz
Monday, November 7Independent Lens “Move Me” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 8PBS Newshour Midterm Elections Special Coverage (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9Nature: “American Ocelot” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9NOVA: “Crypto Decoded” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9Zootopia+Disney+
Sunday, November 13Tulsa KingParamount+
Sunday, November 13YellowstoneParamount+
Monday, November 14American Experience “Taken Hostage” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 16NOVA “Zero to Infinity” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, November 18Martha HolidaysThe Roku Channel
Friday, November 18Emeril CooksThe Roku Channel
Friday, November 18Planet Sex with Cara DelevingneHulu
Sunday, November 20The L Word: Generation Q (8:00 p.m.)Showtime
Monday, November 21POV “Midwives” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 22American Masters (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 22Welcome to ChippendalesHulu
Wednesday, November 23Pitch Perfect: Bumper in BerlinPeacock
Wednesday, November 23King Tut: Allies and Enemies (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, November 24First LoveNetflix
Sunday, November 27KrapopolisFox
Wednesday, November 30WillowDisney+
Wednesday, November 30IrreverentPeacock
Thursday, December 1HushALLBLK
Thursday, December 1Wicked CityALLBLK
Friday, December 16Paradise PDNetflix
Thursday, December 22SnapALLBLK